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Do you know what are the characteristics of Mini Size Outdoor Solar Camera?


The solar energy monitoring rod can choose a 4G integrated network camera, and can insert a 4G network card of the three major operators for the live -time monitoring system, filling the natural environment with large difficulty coefficients, no network, and powerless in engineering construction. And it is not limited by interval. It can watch it in real time through the Internet.

1. MINI SIZE OUTDOOR Solar Camera is mainly used in which places?

MINI SIZE OUTDOOR Solar Camera is primarily used in inconvenient areas of urban areas and lines, such as buildings, water conservancy dams, river water levels, fishing ground supervision, forest protection fire prevention, island supervision, border station supervision, and individual testing.

The function of solar panels is to convert solar radiation kinetic energy into DC electricity for load use or stored in the battery. It is one of the most important part of the solar monitoring system software. Solar light plates can constitute a variety of solar panel matrix of different sizes, also known as solar panel arrays. The output power and working ability of solar panels are closely related to the size of the total area. The larger the total area, the greater the power at the same day.

2. What are the characteristics of Mini Size Outdoor Solar Camera?

1. Determine the capacity of solar energy monitoring according to the detailed situation of solar resources and load power consumption.
2. Solar monitoring ensures that all monitoring equipment is continuously and smoothly supply the system.
3. Considering the 24 -hour power supply system, the daily power supply system is 24 hours.
4. Economy, convenient use, reliable and safe.
         5. Continuous use of rainy days (the continuous power supply system can be planned according to the specific situation).
6. You can provide DC12V, 24V or AC220 switching power supply at the same time.
7. Solar energy monitoring energy storage technology equipment uses a deep circulation system lead-acid battery to protect moisture-proof batteries. The operating temperature is at -40 ° C ° C and 60 ° C, which has the characteristics of high service life and excellent functions.
8. The automatic control system of solar monitoring equipment can be completed, and no one can keep on duty and real -time monitoring;
9. Use special control and inverter power system software, which does not affect the normal collection and transmission of data signals. The management method is simple and convenient, and the operating cost is very low.