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The principle and application of solar flashlight


1. The basic principle of the solar flashlight is that sunlight shines on the semiconductor p-n junction of the solar panel on the surface of the flashlight to form new hole-electron pairs. Under the action of the electric field of the p-n junction, holes flow from the P region to the N region, and electrons flow from the N region to the P region. The current is stored in the battery. When the flashlight needs to be illuminated, the circuit is connected to drive the LED to emit light.

2. Application of solar flashlight. Solar flashlight is suitable for home or outdoor lighting, hunters, hikers and campers, military, security, traffic survey and emergency work. Convenient for traveling in areas without electricity. No need for any power supplement, use sunlight, light storage power backup. As long as the design properly stores enough solar energy, the flashlight can be used for a period of time. Especially in the wild, it's much easier to get sunlight than to find new batteries, so many solar-powered flashlights are designed for outdoor use. When there is no sunlight, it can also generate electricity by hand cranking, providing more optional charging solutions for outdoor and changeable weather.


3. The appearance and structure of the solar flashlight are similar to the general flashlight. Solar panels are usually installed on the outer wall of the handle, and some flashlights can also be made into batteries and solar flashlights. The main components are solar panels, batteries (commonly used lithium batteries), LED drive circuits, and LED bulbs.



4. The solar flashlight has the characteristics of novel structure, small size, light weight, high brightness, long lighting time and easy to carry. As long as it is placed in the sun, it can be charged without changing the storage battery, which saves the cost of purchasing batteries and reduces the pollution of waste batteries to the environment.

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