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6 Benefits of Powering Security Cameras with Solar Panels


Solar-powered security cameras, also known as solar-powered surveillance or solar-panel security cameras, use solar panels for power and require no power source or wiring. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can recharge and run your solar security cameras optimally from natural resources without paying your monthly electricity bill.

Typically, self-sufficient wireless solar-powered monitoring systems are sold in bundles that include a solar panel and a solar-powered security camera with a rechargeable battery. Or you can buy a DIY solar surveillance system and use solar panels to power the cameras. Choose the power of the solar panel according to the power used by the solar monitor you purchased, the duration of the power supply, and the area where it is installed.

Take the Reolink Argus 2 solar-powered security camera on the market as an example, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery and provides a custom Reolink solar panel (need to be purchased separately) for your choice for uninterrupted power supply.

One of the benefits of using a solar surveillance system with solar panels is that you can install solar security cameras anywhere you wish. In rainy or foggy days, the WiFi solar security camera will still work just fine - if it's sunny it's definitely even better! "

Now that more and more consumers are turning to "green" security solutions, when you look up, you might catch solar surveillance around the corner.

1. Flexible steering of solar security camera

Security cameras powered by solar panels don't need cables and grids to work. Therefore, it can be used in various monitoring applications such as remote sites or geographically challenging environments. Typical places where you can install a solar powered security camera include, but are not limited to, your vacation home, shed, construction site, vineyard, farm, barn, boat, warehouse, RV, etc.

2. Easy to install and move

DIY solar powered wireless security cameras can be quickly installed anywhere you want, and since you don't need to run any messy cables or drills, it's a fairly economical security option. Even better, you can easily move your solar-powered security camera when a project advances or is completed, such as a construction site or a new hose you're building, and then take your solar-powered IP camera to a new location .

3. Environmental friendly

Powered by renewable sunlight, solar security cameras do not damage the environment or cause any pollution like disposable batteries. What's more, creating an infrastructure to support traditional monitoring systems can be disruptive. Solar-powered security cameras do not require any infrastructure and can enable areas such as wetlands to be protected.

4. Solar security camera can provide surveillance during day and night

As mentioned above, solar-powered wireless security cameras can be powered by rechargeable batteries at night when there is no sunlight.

And some brands of WiFi solar-powered security cameras come with starlight sensors that provide brilliant color night vision—a big leap from other security cameras.

5. Easy to expand

Solar-powered surveillance cameras are also a flexible, scalable solution if you want to add 2 or 3 more cameras later. With Security Camera Viewer, you can also watch live viewing of multiple solar IP cameras simultaneously on your smartphone.

6. The solar security camera is characterized by long life

Most solar panel manufacturers offer a standard 10-year warranty, which means the security camera's solar panel will still be producing no less than 80% of its power after 10 years and will require minimal maintenance.