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About Us

Our History

With 30 years of experience in developing solar and electronic relevant products,In-Tech Star is an professional and trusted solution provider on all kinds of solar and electronic relevant products such as solar flashlight power bank, solar portable solar bank, solar portable power station, solar lights,solar cameras,solar panels.

With a comprehensive range of products, In-Tech wins customers around the world by delivering solar products and solar customized integration solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Our Factory

We have a 30-year professional manufacturer team for the assembly and manufacture of various product parts and finished products. Our marketing team includes professional product agencies, exterior design teams and external professional design cooperation companies, which can understand market needs and provide consumer solutions

Our factory covers an area of 10000 square meters. It has its own mold processing equipment and provides vertical integration services for design and mold opening.

And backed by a complete laboratory and various quality certifications, we can combine P (process) C (cost) T (delivery) Q (quality) elements to provide our customers with high-value products

Product Application

One of its use scenarios is camping and outdoor travel (including long-distance self-driving, mountain camping bases, off-road adventures, photography and fishing); the second use scenario is emergency disaster relief, including flood rescue, emergency after an earthquake; the third usage scenario includes on-board charging and emergency power consumption in areas lacking power.

Production Equipment

The company has 4 main assembly production lines and 2 sub-assembly production lines, which can supply an annual output of 3 million units. Adopt systematic testing methods and professional testing.

Test equipment: constant temperature and humidity tester, floor tester, salt spray tester,

Tensile tester, vibration tester, life tester, voltage and current meter,load gauge etc.

Provide complete and accurate reliability test reports.

Passed ISO9000, BSCI and other certifications.

Our Service

Offer the one step service including the Pre-sale, sale, after-sale. We help customer to design the appropriate solution for their projects in pre-sales;offer troubleshooting by finding the answers from our FAQ pages, manual or tutorials and offer quick answers from experience technical team during the sales and offer 2 years warranty,free maintenance and upgrade of all previous systems in after sales.

We provide users with free roof designs. Provide project design and energy management solutions for industry and commerce.

One-to-one power station installation guidance service.